Choice of Sections or Single Panels
January 16, 2015 Garage Door Repair

Are you planning on your garage door repair experts replace your old garage door panels? The best thing to do is to think thoroughly about it as to what kind of panels would you like to be installed in your garage door. The things that you will have to consider are the design element of the panels, the kind of material you want to use, the brands of the products and the color scheme of the panels to be put up by your garage door repair experts. When it comes to styles of garage doors panels, the most popular ones come in section panels and singular panels. These two are by far the most asked for designs in putting up a garage door.

A garage door made out of a singular garage door panel is made from just a single cut of panel. This type of garage door swings up to open and over your head and is supported by turning points on each of its sides. These turning points are the jamb kinds of points that helps the door to open up. The most obvious and basic drawback that this type of garage door produces is that when it is opened completely, part of the garage door ends up on the outside of the garage door. With this fact now known, before you open the garage door from the outside, you will have to make sure that you give enough clearance space between your car and the garage door so that the garage door will not hit your car. Operating a single panel garage door is made possible by having your installation and gate repair mount straight tracks which help pull the main garage doors up and over the head. Other pieces that aide a garage door is the placement of hinges and a roller to open it and close it. With these parts in place, it safe to park your car at a nearer distance because the garage door operates well inside the garage itself.

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Section garage door panels are operated by a mechanism that slides it to open and close. In its open position, the garage door is positioned parallel to the ceiling of the garage. It also covers the same area that a single panel garage door covers in the garage. However, according to garage door repair people, there some advantages that section panel garage doors have over single panel ones. Sectional garage door panels need not cover any area outside of the garage when it is being opened. This allows the owner the benefit of parking his car nearer the door as compared to singular paneled garage doors. Every single panel built into a sectional garage door panel is attached to the garage doors’ tracks therefore providing more stability and control while the door is in operation.

A different type of sectional garage door is operated in a side to side motion. The one thing that a singular panel garage door has over a sectional garage door panel is that it is priced a bit lower than the other.

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Choice of Sections or Single Panels

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